Welcome Letter

Dear Plymouth County Resident,

Welcome to my website!

Thank you for reelecting me Plymouth County Sheriff.  As I  reflect upon what we have accomplished during my first term as Sheriff, I am filled with pride, admiration and gratitude.  Pride in the progress we have made as an agency over the last six years; admiration for the great employees at the Sheriff’s department who have been so instrumental in that progress; and gratitude to the people of Plymouth County for giving me the opportunity to serve.

The opportunity to serve the citizens of Plymouth County for almost nine years as an assistant district attorney, and then the past five years as Sheriff have been extremely rewarding personally and professionally.

I firmly believe that the important values instilled in me by my parents and grandparents guide my actions on a daily basis and are the hallmark of a character-based organization such as your Sheriff’s Office.  I am confident that our dedicated employees and volunteers will continue to deliver superior public safety services for you, your family and our communities.

With strong leadership and the hard work and dedication of the Plymouth County Sheriff’s Department staff, great results have been achieved over the last six years.  With the weakened economy, every community in Plymouth County is struggling to deal with budget issues.  It is therefore more important than ever that we continue to innovate.  We must continue to seek ways to work together to share resources and introduce positive changes that serve to shape our future and ensure a safer community for all of us.

My ongoing commitment to our community is to continue to provide the highest level and quality of services possible.  Our staff members and volunteers are justifiably proud of where they work, and our citizens can be equally proud of their Sheriff’s Office.  Plymouth County deserves the best in public safety, and I intend to continue to deliver.

Thank you for your support, and I look forward to continuing to serve the residents of Plymouth County over the next six years.